Captain Christopher Benson is the lead of the Air Force Ventures Initiative for AFWERX, which is the Innovation arm of the US Air Force.  AF Ventures aims to leverage private funds to deliver capabilities to the Air Force and to grow the economy.  To do this, we leverage a ‘many small bets, scale the winners’ strategy where we award 1000+ small ($50K, 3 months) contracts per year, 100s of medium ($1M, 12-24 months) contracts per year and 10s of large ($10M+, <48 months) contracts per year.



F-16 System Program Office (Structural Engineer) – Hill AFB, Utah

ICBM System Program Office (Lead Systems Engineer) – Hill AFB, Utah

Exchange Engineer (International Defense Innovation) – Delft, The Netherlands



PhD, MIT, Mechanical Engineering

Masters of Science, MIT, Technology and Policy

Masters of Science, MIT, Mechanical Engineering

Bachelors of Science, MIT, Mechanical Engineering